Monday, February 27, 2012

Cabin Time

Knowing there was snow a little farther north, Kerry and I decided it was time to spend a weekend up at the family cabin.  We filled the weekend with fireside reading, cross country skiing, bike riding and some good food and wine.

 Had a great ski at the Lk Washburn solitude area.

Tough going on the pug.

This deer seems to be losing some hair.  I got a feeling that was the least of its concerns.

Juno had a tough afternoon on the ski trails.

 Cute couple!

The downside to transporting your bike on a hitch rack in the winter.

Now it time to get ready for the annual north shore adventure weekend known as the "Man Trip"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice fishin'

This past weekend was spent hanging out at our family cabin doing a little ice fishing and laughing with cousins.  The weekend was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for much better weather.  The fishing didn't get good 'til late in the weekend but everyone caught something and had a great time so we'll call it a success.  There was about 2-3 inches of firm snow on the lakes so I was able to get out on the new xc skis I got this year.  That was nice, since things have been pretty sour for any of that near our house.

 Dad and Kevin in the fishing zone.

 Our one and only northern that went back in the hole

Scott and Kevin in between bites

 Gary prepares for a fight with a dogfish that filled the hole

 Enjoying a ski around Eagle lake

Dad, setting up the shelters for the "night bite"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Got to spend a little time at one of my favorite places to boot around this weekend, the bluffs and river area below the Arcola Highbridge.  The bridge in its current form, was built just after the turn of the century and stands about 185' above the St. Croix river.  The land surrounding the bridge on the MN side is administered by the NPS and is worth exploring when you have a chance.  It's a beautiful area in any season and interesting historical remnants abound.

 Stepping off too close to a heat absorbing black log will get your foot wet.  

Otter track, Pug track

 A great little waterfall that flows from a spring all year

Some old ruins