Monday, July 29, 2013

Canadian Rockies Part 1 - BC

Road trip time!  A couple of weeks ago Kerry and I set off for Canada.  Since words can hardly do these places justice I'm just going to slam a bunch of pictures in here with some quick captions.  In short, the trip was awesome. Saskatchewan makes Nebraska look like a theme park and the Canadian Rockies are truly amazing.  

Inukshuk in the middle of nowhere

After a late night of driving, Kerry was happy to sleep in the car and not set up the tent.  It was a perfect night for stargazing so I crashed on the picnic table.  We were back on the road early in the morning.  
The Frank landslide near Crow's Nest, Alberta

Worlds largest truck in Sparwood, BC
Just north of Skookumchuk, BC
Afternoon ride with Kerry on the Rotary trails around Golden, BC

Starting a ride on a beautiful morning in Golden

Looking down on the town of Golden

Crossing the Columbia on a one lane bridge

Takawkaw Falls, Yoho National Park

1200 foot drop

Our first view of a sizeable alpine glacier

To be cont'd . . .