Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Elk Hunt

This years hunt greeted us with ultra warm weather and a tough go of finding animals.  Morning temps ranged from the low thirties to an unbelievable 58 degrees one morning.  The animals don't tend to move around too much in that warm of weather.  Jim was able to down a mule deer buck one morning and then it wasn't until Tuesday evening that Scott and I stumbled upon a cow elk that would become the first and only elk in our freezer for the season.  
Though the quarry played hard to get, the hunt is still great because spending time with great friends and family, in the beauty of the mountains is always better than a day at work.  We averaged about about 7-8 miles of hiking with our packs everyday this year.  My pack with all the extra clothing, food, camera, binocs, and supplies for taking care of a downed elk probably weighs about 25lbs.  Tack a 9lb gun on there and you've got quite a load to carry around all day.  Once you down an animal, now you've got meat to carry.  A boned out, meat only, hind quarter of your average size elk weighs about 50-75lbs.  Now toss that in your pack.  One of these years I should plan a backpacking trip right after elk season.  It sure gets you in shape quickly.   

It's time!

Sunrise hits Mt. Sopris

The crew

Not bad scenery

Two does laying in "plain" sight

We got some snow at the end of the week.