Monday, December 23, 2013

Canadian Rockies Pt. 3 - Banff

 Finally getting a chance to put up the last of the pictures from our great trip to the Canadian Rockies this past summer.  Part 3 finds us celebrating Canada Day (July 1) in Banff.  We rolled into town and it was hopping.  Canada Day is like our 4th of July but with an extra dose of partying.
While in Banff, we saw Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and checked out the Lake Louise ski area.  We did a bit of biking around town, including a small portion of the Spray River Trail which is the start of the Tour Divide mtb race.  We also hiked the Johnston Canyon gorge and rode the tram to the top of Sulphur Mtn.  Everywhere we went there was evidence of the major flooding that the area was subjected to just one week prior to our visit.  In fact, we planned to stay in Canmore for 4 nights but the as of the time we left for our trip, the town of Canmore was completely inaccessible and under drinking water restrictions.  We found alternate lodging right in Banff for "reasonable" rates because everyone was cancelling their vacations to the area.

Lastly, before making the long drive home, we had one more stop to make.  Kerry and I have always talked about going to see a rodeo.  Up to this point we've seemed to somehow miss going to all of the big ones that come to the twin cities area.  This time we would not miss out and the timing was right for hitting one of the grandest rodeos in North America the Calgary Stampede.

Canada Day!

We're not, but we'll drink your beer and party with you anyway.
Banff Springs resort overlooking the Bow River

Spray River trail.  The Tour Divide start.  2 miles down 2743 to go!  ;-)
Major washout on the trail


Johnston Falls

Fantastic catwalkt to Johnston Falls

Looking down on Banff from Sulphur Mtn
Spotted one of the locals on an early morn bike ride

A smooth section on the Upper Stony Squaw climb

Great riding

Moraine Lake

Lake Louise

Enjoying an afternoon snack with some nice scenery
Stampede grounds Downtown Calgary

These guys were amazing

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Colton Cabin MtBPalooza '13

A fantastic weekend in Cable!  Enormous thanks to Josh for hosting a grand guys weekend.  The riding was stellar, the meals were fit for royals and beverages flowed from eternal springs.  

The Esker night ride

Friday Sunset

Prepping the Saturday Feast meal

Grand drinking

Some vinyl got spun

Big day on the trails.  Hayward to Cable on singletrack!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fun

Just a quick recap of some recent activities.  

Last month my in-laws brought down a ton of blackberries from the UP.  There were far too many to eat so we decided to try a blackberry wine.  It should be ready to bottle around thanksgiving.  

Kerry and I have been out on a few hikes enjoying the fall scenery.  Here are a few shots from a recent trip to Afton State Park

Biking has kind of slacked off a bit lately and has been much more fun focused rather than training focused.  We had Wall of Death hill climb competition at BC.  Good times.  Tis the season to get the fat-bike out.  I took the pugsley down to Arcola for a little exploring last week. 

Heath, aka Red Squirrel wins the hill climb contest at BC!

We also picked out our christmas tree Kruegers last weekend.  Dibs on a nice one!