Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fun

Just a quick recap of some recent activities.  

Last month my in-laws brought down a ton of blackberries from the UP.  There were far too many to eat so we decided to try a blackberry wine.  It should be ready to bottle around thanksgiving.  

Kerry and I have been out on a few hikes enjoying the fall scenery.  Here are a few shots from a recent trip to Afton State Park

Biking has kind of slacked off a bit lately and has been much more fun focused rather than training focused.  We had Wall of Death hill climb competition at BC.  Good times.  Tis the season to get the fat-bike out.  I took the pugsley down to Arcola for a little exploring last week. 

Heath, aka Red Squirrel wins the hill climb contest at BC!

We also picked out our christmas tree Kruegers last weekend.  Dibs on a nice one!

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