Wednesday, June 26, 2013

U.P. Weekend

A few weekends ago Kerry and I made a quick weekend run up to her parents for some fishing on the big lake.  Kerry's dad has had a boat since she was a little kid but it has been out of commission for quite some time.  He recently got the boat going again and this would be my first time fishing from it out on Superior.  

We headed out to the boat launch on the Ontonagon river around 7:30 on Saturday morning.  The winds were calm and the sun was out.  The river was high and was dumping plenty of silt into Superior from the recent rains.  Fishing wasn't great but we managed to avoid being skunked.  It was great to be out on the water.

Captain Kerry!

High Tech

Old school

Coho Salmon

I got out for a couple of rides over the weekend also.  Did some hill climbing on Victoria Road and did some exploring on the forest roads to the NE of Kerry's parents.  The water was high in all of the creeks in the area.  When I came to the crossing in the picture below, I noticed movement in the water as I was scouting for the best spot to ford.  There were two 6" trout hanging in the pool just above my rear tire in the picture.  

Saturday evening was perfect for a walk so we headed down to the beach for sunset.  We had a small fire and I engaged in driftwood shenanigans.  No rocks to stack/balance on this beach so I have to resort to other challenges.  

The tallest Driftwood Tip-up I've managed to raise.  There's close to 3' in the ground.  No, I didn't dig a hole. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sista Ky, Rockin' the Buffalo Tri

Last weekend we got to watch my sister do her first triathlon of the year.  She's been training like mad and it seems to have paid off.  She did very well and it was a ton of fun to watch her.  There's always a lot going on at a triathlon so they are very spectator friendly.  Nice job out there, Kyleen!

She's the one with the green cap

After a killer pace in the swim!

Final turn into the finish