Tuesday, May 8, 2012

UP Backroads

This past weekend, Kerry and I made a trip up to her parents place in Ontonagon.  We hadn't been up there since Christmas, so it was nice to get up there for a bit.  Weather turned out to be fairly decent on Saturday afternoon so I headed out with the mountain bike for some back road exploring, north and east of their house.  The loop turned out to be 40 miles and up until mile 27, where I ran into a dozen people on ATV's,  I probably saw 5 people total.  Those 5 people were a guy chopping wood in his front yard, a guy with a backpack headed out to 14 mile point on foot, one truck with a 4-wheeler in the back and a guy and his son exploring the beach at 4 mile rock.  

The beach at 4 mile rock.   Fat bike territory.

Bear Creek Rd.

This guy was out enjoying the lonely roads also.

Not much traffic on this one.

If my sister can hop streams on her 4-wheeler like she can pop over logs, I'd like to see her cross this.  

Top quality lunch

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