Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cheq 100 - none for me

No Chequamegon 100 for me this year, due to a little fainting spell and subsequent heart tests last week.  Most of the tests are back and all seems well.   Guess it was just a fluke deal that I've come to find out has happened to quite a few others also.  

Since I couldn't race, I figured I could still go up with Brett, Don and Larry and run "support" for them and have fun in the north woods of wisconsin.  I brought the motorcycle along and enjoyed riding the back roads and taking pictures of the racers at various points in the race.

Here's the link to the full album of shots I took:  

Thanks to Joe, Tim and Ryan at Salsa as well as their families for putting on another great event!

I was the bionic man for a few days

Cheq 100 and 62 line up

The new shoes on the cycle came in pretty handy considering the conditions on race day.

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