Saturday, March 9, 2013

Standing Cedars and a Morning Treat

Last summer, Kerry and I did some exploring on the Wisconsin side of the river on the motorcycle.  On a pleasantly winding road skirting the bluffs of the St. Croix, we came across a State Natural Area.  It looked interesting, so I kept it in mind for future exploration.    

Last weekend I decided it was time for that exploring.  I got my stuff together the night before and made my way out of the house dark and early.  I caught the sunrise in Wisconsin.

There's a small parking area alongside the road and when I arrived, there was a van parked there with a thick coat of frost on it, clearly indicating that it had been there a while  I liked seeing this as it tells me that it's probably OK to park there overnight.  I threw the snowshoes and backpack on and headed off.  

A minutes of hiking and I came to the forested bluffs and a view over an old boyscout camp.  This is private land adjacent to the natural area.

I'm guessing the van passengers are holed up in this valley hideaway.  

After crossing a few more small valleys I found a nice high point overlooking the river and pulled out my stuff to have a little snack with a nice view.   

The Tribute blend is the best VIA packet ever.

Time to head back home and start the rest of the Saturday.  A bedroom painting project is calling my name.  


  1. nice! I've not seen a cooking apparatus like that before, clever. How did the cap hold up,did you forget a pan ?

    1. Glad you like it, works pretty slick. Kerry and I even used it for a quick oatmeal breakfast while motorcycle camping last summer. You only need a tiny fire and I tie a prusik into the string so you can easily adjust the height. Just make sure you leave the cap unscrewed a bit so vapors can escape. Afterwards, I just rub the bottle in the snow or dirt, and it cleans the bulk of the soot right off.