Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mmmm. . . Gumbo

I usually make a big batch of gumbo right around Mardi Gras.  This year I'm a little late but still managed to put the time in and throw a batch together.  I love this stuff, it has such a unique flavor that it's really a treat to have once in a while.  Unfortunately the time it takes to make it well, prohibits it from being a weekly or monthly staple.  

 Most of the ingredients.  The sausage is fresh Andouille that spent about 3 hrs in the smoker.  The green onions, parsley and chicken stock didn't make it into the shot.  

 Cooking the roux and creating a stock with the raw shrimp shells.  Note the initial color of the roux (1cup oil, 1 cup flour).

 About 25 minutes of nearly constant stirring and you wind up with the key starting component of your gumbo, the ultra dark roux.  

 Veggies, in you go.

Add the stocks, simmer for an hour, finish with parsley and scallions, serve over rice and enjoy!

 Friday night, I joined some Old Married Guys for a ride and we saw this.

Sunday we hit Pine Point Park for a walk.  It was low sixties outside but we managed to find plenty of snow.

Finished up the weekend with a great ride.  Twas a bit windy so planned accordingly, headed SE and took the wind, head on, to start with.  Thankfully it didn't switch on me, and I had a rather pleasant push, most of the way home.

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