Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sap Season

Missed out on the "Man Trip" this year due to some severe tendonitis in my wrist that was brought from playing goalie in broomball this year.  Guess I'll need to strengthen that up before next season.  This was the first time I've missed out on the annual winter camping and adventure weekend in quite a while.  I know the guys were having a great time up there and I'll be looking forward to next year.

I made the best of the weekend at home and was able to help out Mom and Dad get the Maple Syrup cooker ready for the season.  After years of use it needed a little TLC and restructuring.  The end result was merely a band-aid of sorts but we should be good to go for another couple of seasons or until we get something else figured out.

I was also able to get some much needed work time in on some basement projects that have been long overdue.

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