Monday, April 9, 2012

Mammoth Gravel Recon Ride

Had a day of of work on Friday so it was a perfect chance to get up to St. Croix Falls and check out the course that the folks at CyclovaXC have put together for their Mammoth Gravelle event in two weeks.  Bob and Tom were able to join me for the full day of exploration and dad hooked up with us in Luck, to join us for the last 17 miles back into town on the Gandy Dancer.  Had to fight a bit of a wind for our southbound portion but overall it was a great day spent on the bike.  Also got out for a Saturday ride with Scott.  Unlike the beautiful sunshine of friday, Scott and I managed to suffer through 30 miles of rain and wind.  We'll take it on a training ride hoping that it'll lessen our chances of it happening on race day.   We'll see how that goes. . .

Along the beautiful St. Croix River

Umm, yeah, It's a bit sandy in places

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  1. that looked fun. I wish I had the day off, i would have been there for sure.